Are there a lot of Irish people in Dublin?

Are there a lot of Irish people in Dublin?

None of the original individuals or families who settled in Dublin were from Ireland. Here is a sample of names of early settlers to show the European, and predominant German influence of settlement. Where we know their country of origin, we have included that. We also know name spellings were changed for a variety of reasons; the Sells family, Dublin’s founding family was probably Seltz in Germany. When in Pennsylvania they changed their name to Sells.

From Germany:
Coffman (Kauffman) from Swabia, Germany via Pennsylvania; Datz; Geese from Germany via Pennsylvania; Hirth from Wittenburg, Germany; Horch from Nuremburg and Stuttgart areas of Germany; Karrer from Hoffenheim, province of Baden, in southern Germany; Leppert from Keppenhiem, province of Baden, Germany; Rings, from Germany; Shriver (changed from Schreiber) from Germany via Pennsylvania

From Ireland:
Dominy from Ireland via England; Kilpatrick, Ireland; McCoy, from Ireland via Pennsylvania, moved to Perry Township, Dublin area in 1818

From Italy:
Delewese: name changed from D’Allessandro, from Pettorona sul Gizio, province of Aquila, Italy

Artz from Pennsylvania; Ashbaugh; Bowers from Pennsylvania; Brown from Maryland; Corbin; Davis: two Davis families; the Samuel Davis family from Connecticut; Ebey from Switzerland (Also spelled Aebi in Switzerland); Freshwater from England; Pinney from England via Connecticut and Worthington to Dublin; Wolpert

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