Were there Indians in the area?

Were there Indians in the area?

Yes, ancient cultures called the Hopewells and the Adenas left behind ceremonial mounds still identifiable at one location. Later, the Wyandot tribe, whose primary town was in the vicinity of Upper Sandusky, Ohio, frequented the area we call Dublin as a hunting ground. The river was a route north and south to the Ohio River, which, by canoe or walking path, could lead them to other places.

If you have heard of Tecumseh, Lalawethika, the Prophet (the brother of Tecumseh), Blue Jacket (all Shawnee Indians) these men were alive at the time of the settlement of Sells Town. That will give the history reader an idea of the tension at the time of the settlement here. Other names that readers might hear are Tarhe the Crane and Leatherlips (Shateyoranyah), who both were Wyandots, and Little Turtle and Black Hoof.

The last Wyandots were resettled out of Ohio in 1843 when the U.S. government moved them to reservations in Kansas and Oklahoma. But Bill Moose (Kihue) and his family remained behind, the last full-blooded Wyandots to remain in Ohio.

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