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Dublin Stories

In this section you can select from several stories:

  • the Virginia Military district and the land that became Dublin; the history, who owned the land, how large were the plots
  • Citizens Defense: a look at how homeland security was done in Dublin and Franklin County in World War II
  • "Them Was the Days: The Story of Ashbaugh Road", an oral history of life in rural Dublin
  • Firefighters: the story of Dublin's firefighting company

Dublin’s near-selection as the site of Ohio's capital city, lost in a poker game!

Ashbaugh Road

You will enjoy the record of the stories of Carolene Tuller who grew up on Ashbaugh Road, where most of ...
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Fire always has been a terrifying event, one that has strikes fear in the hearts of men, women and children ...
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Dublin Aced

Did you know Dublin was almost the capital of Ohio? Well, there is a Columbus Dispatch article from 1982 that ...
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Citizen Defense

These documents give you some insight into what we might describe as 1943 homeland security in Franklin County. During WWII ...
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Virginia Military District

The land on which Dublin was settled is part of the territory once claimed by the Colony of Virginia. Read ...
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Recipe for Life

We found this in a cookbook and, though it is dated 1943, it probably is one of those writings that ...
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Old Dublin Town

Imagine Dublin in 1920, a village with only several hundred residents. Everyone knew everyone else, and apparently everyone knew what ...
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REVEREND LOOMIS AND THE DYNAMITE (excerpt from the source) Reverend Ralph Loomis, who was the minister of the Dublin Community ...
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Medicine Shows

Medicine shows would go from town to town selling their “cure-all” medicine. It was supposed to be an old Indian ...
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Burglar Bold

Lester Leppert retold this lyric in “Memories”, an oral history published by the Dublin Historical Society”. It is from a ...
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