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Historical People

Historical People

We offer three stories; two are of Wyandot Indians, one known as Leatherlips and the other Bill Moose. Leatherlips, memorialized in stone at Scioto Park, was executed by members of his own tribe in 1810. Bill Moose, born in 1837, grew up a Wyandot, and as an adult worked with Sells Brothers Circus for several years and traveled the world. He was the last of the Wyandots living in Ohio and died a few months short of his 100th birthday.

Chief Leatherlips

Friendship, intrigue, and honor weave together to tell stories of the Wyandot Indian known as Leatherlips. It is chilling to ...

The Last Wyandots

Buried beneath a stone monument overlooking the Scioto River he loved is Bill Moose, the Wyandot Indian whose native name ...

The Ebeys

In the earliest days of Dublin, Ohio two families had a major presence in the community: the Ludwig and Catherine ...